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About Us...

Ross Goldberg, Rob Hannley and Paul Darby. These guys all have their area of specialty and have individually created businesses that have been top successes in the internet marketing industry.

Now forming a collaborative partnership to create a traffic software resource, have created what is already being touted as perhaps the most successful traffic platform yet seen.

Our awesome teammates include some very talented graphic artists, video specialists, server engineers and media contacts whom have all come together to unite the traffic software wtih the marketing system that has created the ultimate business opportunity for those who asked the question, "What should I sell online"?

Our answer is, "You should sell what most people want to buy and that is traffic".

The Net Millionaires Club is how men and women all over the World can make the money they need to have the life they want because with the TNMC sofware, yesterday was the last day you ever needed more traffic.

We would like for you to meet the primary's on our team.


Meet The Core Team


Rob Hannley

Certified NLP Trainer
Co-creator of The Coffee Millionaire
Highly sought after International event speaker
Founder and co-creator of Your Net Biz and Primo Vacations with $50 Million in sales
Co-creator of the Net Millionaires Training System & Net Millionaire buzz radio
Created systems with over 100K affiliates with some making 90K + per month

Ross Goldberg

Best Selling Author
National Event Speaker
Responsible for Millions in Sales Online
Multiple software creations that sold in the millions
Known by top leaders as the "Go To" online traffic expert
Former VP Marketing for Multi-Million dollar

Paul Darby

Nationally renowned sales trainer and speaker
Dale Carnigue Graduate and Instructor
Toastmasters Graduate & Trainer
Internet Marketing Coach for major corporations
Top Affiliate in many international MLM's
Responsible for Millions in Sales Online