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About Us...

Q: What is the Net Millionaires Club and what do I get if I join?

A: The Net Millionaires Club (TNMC) is a porject made of three sections or parts. They are (1) The marketing system (2) Traffic App (3) the affiliate system that pays affiliates 50% of their referrals to our Traffic App and also a percentage of every click purchased by every member they have referred.

Q: What else do I need to buy?

A: Could be nothing or you may want to purchasedoen for you traffic traffic from your members area. Our marketing system is not mandatory but is strongly recommended which is why we custom built it.

Q: What is your marketing system?

A: Let's tell you a small percentage of what it does... unlimited autoresponders and messages, calls, texts and sends pre-recorded phone messages, video pages, landing pages, customer tracking, lead tracking, and about five zillion more marketing jobs and most are built to be automatic with TNMC.

Q: What is my total cost in the Net Millionaires Club?

A: During pre-launch we are waiving the $495 purchase fee for the app and reducing the membership and marketing system to only $97 instead of $167 monthly. The traffic app and membership by itself is $49.79

Q: Can I make money with this program?

A: Can you make money with a very powerful marketing system? And high converting sales funnel? Selling the Number #1 thing to sell on the net, which is Traffic? We think so and if you do not, you should probably not be attempting to generate an income online.

Q: What si your guarantee if I want my money back?

We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on your Traffic App and membership. You can not request back months of our program, but any current 30 day billing cycle can be refunded if requested. Our traffic packages have a zero refund policy, meaning we do not offer refunds on traffic packages. You may visit our TOS and REFUND POLICY pages for complete details.

Q: What does your Traffic App do?

A: The Traffic App is the first of it's kind and we believe the new benchmark of traffic for those people on the net who wish to have massive visitors to their chosen websites. One of the top experts in traffic in the World wrote the entire program as a proprietary traffic program and is owned by Paul Darby, Inc. and is not available from any other source. Our app is a traffic how to college as well is an instant order facility for the top, best, premium tier one traffic on the net.

Q: Does your App really get me traffic? Is it good, really?

A: We guarantee that if you use our resources and or purchase done for you programs that you will get real traffic of high value and in most cases this will be the best traffic you have ever gotten. Many people start and then quit before ever having access to this level of quality traffic.

If you have any further questions, why not simply grab a free trial and enjoy a full 7 days of everything we offer? If this was not as good as we say, we wouldn't be offering you to see and use everything before you paid a dime. Right?