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Three internet Titans...three of the Movie Stars of the internet, Paul Darby, Rob Hannley and Ross Goldberg got together to do one thing that had never been done.

And that one thing was to create the easiest, most enjoyable and most powerful and effective way for anyone who wanted real visitors for their website to be able to get them. Instantly. At a moment's notice.

Additionally each user of the software has the option to also "learn" how to create an endless flow of traffic to any website desired with out having to purchase traffic but just by following the step by step process shown to them by this new revolutionary traffic software.




Ross Goldberg is the former Vice President of Marketing for, which as you may know was at one time one of the most successful companies on the net. Millions and millions and millions in sales.

Another name you may know, Frank Kern, wrote one of their launch emails that was responsible for upwards of sixteen million dollars in sales.

Ross wrote the second launch email and again created many millions more in orders. Ross has created the heart of this traffic program and is rightly known by the most successful on the net as one of the premier authorities on internet traffic and how to get it.

Rob Hannley is a former Co-owner of which made over fifty million in sales and had affiliates making upwards of one hundred thousand dollars a month. Rob has created the Automated Funnel System that is the marketing arm of our entire traffic platform.

Paul Darby who has achieved world class status as an internet marketer has released over one hundred marketing businesses with six of them reaching the top levels of success in the online market.

Paul has also reached Number #1 status or top ten, in fourteen International Network Marketing companies thru his online expertise.

You may see our "Who We Are" section in the links at the top of the page for a more complete introduction to the team that brings you The Net Millionaires Club.

The bottom line is, we have created a brand new software program that shows you how to get traffic and/or, gives you an ordering button to simply order traffic that you can customize to get the exact profile of interested internet shoppers landing on your website from nearly every country in the World.

This program is the first and finest of it's kind ever launched and is the definition of a true Game Changer of how internet marketers can now get real people to go directly to their websites at the click of a button.


Three internet success stories created a traffic software program of the likes that has never been seen before.

Finally anyone who wishes can have all the real, targeted, tested traffic they desire. The software is built utilizing perhaps the most powerful marketing service ever made available and... the traffic software along with the marketing service is connected to a resellers or affiliates program that enables and empowers anyone who wishes to have a real shot and literally becoming wealthy and being able to enjoy the internet lifestlye of sufficient income to pay bills and have money left over to enjoy life.

With only 2 referrals to our program you earn enough commissions to then be "FREE" and to have no expense what so ever to use the marketing system and the traffic software as much as you would like.


First off, right now we are having a very limited discounted pricing offer, our second phase of our launch, and instead of you paying the regular $497.00 to gain entry and $167.00 a month, right now you can get in for only $67 and you get the traffic app, the affiliate resellers business and 50% off on all the traffic you want to order for yourself. The traffic app will get you unlimited traffic with your logging in and using it.

Plus we'll give you access to another secret weapon we had custom written which is our marketing system that you can try out free! There are no tricks, or additional items necessary for you to have full use of everything we offer which is, we believe, the finest marketing system and traffic software on the Planet.

by the wayYou get a full 7 day trial period to audition the marketing system that you will quickly see that with our traffic and our sales funnel, can literally make you a fortune!

By the way, this really is a limited special pricing and if you leave this page you may come back to find this limited time special offer gone and the $497 sign up price as your only option to get in.



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Our special pricing for our launch of The Net Millionaires Club system is that we are waiving the $497.00 entry price and charging a basic entry fee of $67 bucks and then only $49 a month to keep the membership, the 50% members traffic pricing, the app and the resellers platform.

Remember, there are no upsells and there is nothing else you need to purchase, even if you are fortunate enough to get grandfathered in during our launch price special offer.

And our launch special also includes the complete affilate resellers/affiliate program that pays 50% in commissions and includes the complete marketing funnel as well as access to the Automated Funnel Pro's marketiing system!